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2021 Skim Contest Circuit Strong Out of the Gate

2021 Skim Contest Circuit Strong Out of the Gate

Shore LB Throw Down 2021

In 2020 the world was faced with a pandemic, the likes of which we've only seen in movies and history books.  We withdrew from many familiar things with key focus on safety. 

As outdoor activity flourished, new skimboarders took the beaches in record numbers. Along with most public gatherings, however, Skim Contest Events were redlined on calendars for the better part of the year.

Waiting for life to resume normalcy has been hard on all Americans. Now, at long last, we are seeing a break from the understandable restrictions of COVID-19.  Our team's enthusiasm was high as they prepared to embarking on a new season.

Shore LB Throw Down 2021 RMc
Shore LB Throw Down 2021
Skim USA Sterling Myers

March 13, 2021, the 4th Annual Shore lb. Throwdown took place in Vero Beach, FL. As the first stop of the 2021 Skim USA Tour, the entire skim community was pumped!

After quarantining for the bulk of the past 12 months, it was a welcome sight to see our team taking to the sand for the first contest of 2021! Skills were anything but rusty as everyone skimmed extremely well - crushing it through heats. Team Manager Alex Bevard along with pros Ryan McFarland and Adam Barker kicked in their expertise. Bringing it home were Ryan McFarland, Sterling Myers, Nathan Carter, and Nicole Phillips. These wins undoubtedly charged up our riders and sent them forward stong and confident!

April 17, 2021 brought us the PCB Spring Break Skim Jam in Panama City Beach, Florida. The contest provided a fun run of waves for a Gulf Coast contest (If that’s not a good sign - we don’t know what is). Those who attended skimmed well and advanced through heats. Taking the podiums were Sterling Myers, Nathan Carter and Gavin Garrison.  This event marked Myers second First Place finish of the season and gained him a coveted sponsorship by Shore Lb. 

Sterling Myers
pcb skim comp

Looking ahead - we are psyched to carry this momentum throughout 2021 at beach events and comps at as many venues as possible.

The upcoming contest schedule for Skim USA and the UST  is: 

Skim USA Stop 3: Skimmunity Showdown in Sandbridge, VA - 6/19 - 6/20

Skim USA Stop 4/UST Stop 1: OBX Skim Jam in Nags Head, NC, — 7/17 — 7/18

Skim USA Stop 5/UST Stop 2: Zap Pro/Am World Championships in Dewey Beach, DE — 8/13 — 8/15

UST Stop 3: Florida Pro/Am – Vilano Beach FL – 8/21- 8/22

UST Stop 4: The Vic – Laguna Beach, CA – 8/28 - 8/29

UST Stop 5: Exile Oktoberfest – Newport Beach, CA – 9/25 -9/26

Welcome Back to the Contest Circuit!
Safe Travels and
Best of Luck to All Competitors!

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