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New Release - The Chester Burnett Pro Model

New 2022 Shape Review - The Burnett Pro

05/01/2022   /   Dan Joyal

Introducing the Chester Burnett Pro Model.  This 2022 release is the detailed collaborative effort of  Jeff Shinham and Chester Burnett.  The results are beyond expectations.  Follow Chester as he brings this shape to life: @chesterburnett6

Features: Burnett's shape provides exceptional float and driven performance with a snub nose and rounded tail. Textured deck for universal grip.
Performance Elements: The nose provides more balance in front. The  round tail is midpoint between a pin and squash tail. The extra volume compared to the pin tail makes the board faster and easier to turn due to having a bit more volume. Water wraps around the tail with more controlled release boosting your hold and control.
Performance Expectations: big drawn out carves, control in hollow conditions and consistent speed in multiple wave conditions. 

Board Builder Specs:

Level: Advanced/Professional
Size: 53" x 21" x 5/8"
Weight Limit: None
Colors & Art: AssortedDeck: TexturedComposites: Carbon, Warp GlassCustom Logo:  In memory of Chester's Dad.  

Chester's Thoughts:

"The reason I sketched this shape was because I liked the width of my previous board (funky fish) but I wanted a different feel to the tail. I wanted my pro model to have a wide nose for extra float since the east coast has less push on the wave than the west coast. I went with the rounded tail because I really like it for liners. I also like the way the board flicks when I do shuv-its thanks, again, to the rounded tail. Last, I wanted minimal kick at the nose.  On the east coast, without a lot of choppy conditions, the subtle rocker allows me to keep a lot of speed on the wave."

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