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Summer Days at the Beach

There is something uplifting about the beginning of summer.  Longer days, less pressing school issues, soaking up the sun, and fresh air.  The days of "drinking straight from the hose" may have passed, yet the smell of salt water air or the splash of a fresh water lake will never get old;  especially on a hot summer day.

Chilling in front of the TV, inside, game controller in hand, giving your thumbs a workout?  Yeah... I left that one out.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with some down-time in the shade and A/C!  It's all about balance.  Play hard, chill later.  We look to hang on the first side of that equation.

Long time WZ Team Rider, Austin Piazza, is known to say often, "Any day at the beach, is a good day."   Maybe it's a grom wearing himself out sliding while his parents kick back.  Sometimes a youth spending the day at a local skim camp mastering new skills.  Maybe a Pro traveling to epic locations or burning off steam at a local beach  These are the things we reach for.

Adam Barker by Salty Girl Photography

Aiden Hughes


It's great to see our boards on the beaches and our board bags in the airports - being a part of that summer vibe, as riders and families head to locations all over the world. 

Like many in our industry, summer time is our busiest season.  We are swamped with orders, meeting deadlines, getting boards where they need to be for summer vacations, holiday weekends, and more.  It's stressful, but satisfying to be a part of the summer buzz!  

So, whether your rider is cooling off by catching some late afternoon sleep, winding down with friends at a local beach bar, or gaming in the air conditioning; let's hope it's all after soaking up some sun and enjoying some surf at their favorite beach.

Wondering what to do with your summer?  Head to the beach, pick up a board and skim.  Let the summer begin! 

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