Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have my order by Christmas?

2016 Update:  UPS Ground is running on time (delivery dates below).  USPS Priority Mail is delivering currently 2-3 days from our location in Florida to as far as California… they commit to that schedule for all orders mailed through 12/21/16.

We are pulling orders several times per day.  Provided you choose a stock art option (or choose a color and let the artist pick the graphic art) your order can be shipped the same day you place it (up through 4:00 pm Florida time).  That said, yes you can have the board in time for Christmas provided we have the order in hand by Wednesday, 12/21/16 at 4:00 pm Florida time.

How fast will my board ship?

Orders are pulled up every morning (Monday – Friday) at 10 am.  9 out of 10 orders ship in one business day. If you have a timing deadline please place a note in the “Notes to the Artist” field.   Our customer service team’s #1 priority is getting your board to you when and where you need it!  During the month of December, orders are pulled 4 times per day to ensure we stay on top of holiday deadlines!


Our shipping and handling speed is among the fastest in the industry.  Free shipping is available via UPS Ground.  See the UPS Ground time in transit chart below for delivery days between Wave Zone and your address.


For states in the western USA, Islands and Territories, USPS Priority Mail delivers to you in 1-3 business days (5 days to Guam).  


UPS GROUND TIME IN TRANSIT – Free Ecomony Shipping

1 Day – Yellow (in the state of Florida except the panhandle) = One Business Day
2 Days – Tan/Orange (eastern US… Pennsylvania south to Georgia and neighboring states) = Two Business Days
3 Days – Green = Three Business Days
4 Days – Dark Brown = Four Business Days
5 Days – Dark Orange (western US… California coast) = Five Business Days
6 Days – Gray = Six Business Days
7 Days – Blue= Seven Business Days

Choosing the right skimboard:

Choosing the right board is a combination of body weight and skill level.


Beginners should look at weight limit as the key factor to select the right board.  In addition the board should generally hit mid chest level (at the sternum) when it is standing up in front of the rider.


That said, if you are an older beginner, a 17 year old rider weighing in at 150 lbs for example, you should be considering a more experienced skill level of board.  That higher level board will support your weight and advance your skill.


If a rider is over the weight limit for the board it will be weighed down to the sand and will not glide.  


Past the body size consideration, each board has a list of its board building features and performance expectations on its own page.  Bullet points at the top… scroll down for more detail.

Choosing the art for your board:

If a rider chooses a board listed as a “stock option” it is a “What you see is what you get” choice.  That means that the board should be available for immediate shipping and, when it arrives, it will look very much like the photo.  As each board is individually made, there may be some variances in the shading of the color or in the position of the graphics.  This means if the stock option is shown in blue… it is shipped to the rider in blue.


If a rider chooses outside of any stock options, then just check off all of the graphics that appeal.  If a rider indicates they like marbled/splattered AND Stripes AND Swirls, we will read that to mean that the person would like to see a board that has a few different elements included and will steer away from the items not listed (flames for example).  If a rider makes just one choice, such as halo, we will read that to mean the person wants a more simple graphic.


When a color choice is made, the artist will include that color in the options chosen.  9 out of 10 orders ship in one business day.

What does an “abstract” graphic mean?

Abstract means that templates of varied shapes and sizes are used to create a framework for areas on art on the board.  Those areas are filled with shades and other graphics.  The shapes are placed in different areas of the board by the artist.

Can I get a name or team name put on the board?

The art process does not allow for text to be added to the board.

Can I be sponsored as a rider or added to the team?

Wave Zone Sponsored Riders are signed by a Wave Zone Authorized Dealer (Surf Shop).  The shop will coordinate any sponsorship details.

Will Wave Zone sponsor my event?

Wave Zone supports up to 12 individual charitable causes per year.  While we wish we could cover every cause, our focus is on assisting youth based programs, individuals with disabilities and our military.  For consideration, you are welcome to email with the details of your program or organization.  You will receive a response in one week if there is an available opening on our donation roster.