Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right skimboard:

Choosing the right board is a combination of body weight and skill level.


Beginners should look at weight limit as the key factor to select the right board.  In addition the board should generally hit mid chest level (at the sternum) when it is standing up in front of the rider.


An older beginner – a 17 year old rider weighing in at 150 lbs for example – should be considering a more experienced skill level of board.  That higher level board will float the rider’s body weight and advance skill.  If a rider is over the suggested weight limit for the board it will be weighed down to the sand and will not glide.


Past the body size consideration, each board has a list of its board building features and performance expectations on its own page.  Bullet points at the top… scroll down for more detail.

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Choosing the art for your board:

Art Options for your Wave Zone Skimboard:


  • Custom Complete – These images are of an exact board and once purchased, that is the board you will be sent.  Shipping will occur one business day following your order submission.
  • Stock Art Reproduction – These are popular designs that are reproduced by our artists and are ready for shipping one business day from your order submission.  When it arrives, it will look very much like the photo.  As each board is individually made, there may be some variances in the shading of the color or in the position of the graphics. The color of the board will be what you ordered.
  • Custom Board Build – Select a primary color and add additional description in the “notes about my order” section.  Second, check off the art elements that appeal to you.  If a rider indicates they like marbled/splattered AND Stripes AND Swirls, we will read that to mean that the person would like to see a board that has a few different elements included and will steer away from the items not listed (flames for example).  If a rider makes just one choice, such as halo, we will read that to mean the person wants a more simple graphic.  Feel free to reference any board photo on our website to provide direction to the artist.  Giving the artist some space to be creative will give the best result!  Custom orders are generally produced in one week.  Complex orders may require additional time.


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What does an “abstract” graphic mean?

Abstract means that templates of varied shapes and sizes are used to create a framework for areas on art on the board.  Those areas are filled with shades and other graphics.  The shapes are placed in different areas of the board by the artist.

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Can I get a name or team name put on the board?

The art process does not allow for text to be added to the board.

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Can I be sponsored as a rider or added to the team?

 Team Rider qualifications:

Raw talent
Passion for the sport
High profile social media presence
Positive attitude
Energy and enthusiasm
Ability to interact respectfully on the beach
Willingness to compete and/or submit quality photo and video


Shop Sponsorships – Wave Zone Sponsored Riders are often signed by a Wave Zone Authorized Dealer (Surf Shop).  The shop will coordinate any sponsorship details.


Direct sponsorships – if you would like to be considered for new spots as they open, an email may be sent to  Team Manager, Alex Bevard along with staff and senior riders will review all submissions.  This information must be provided:

Any other sponsors?
Where do you live/usually skim?
Any contest standings?
Why do you want to be sponsored?

Include photos and videos or links to these items. 

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Will Wave Zone sponsor my event?

Wave Zone supports up to 12 individual charitable causes per year.  While we wish we could cover every cause, our focus is on assisting youth based programs, individuals with disabilities and the U.S. armed forces.  



For consideration, contact with the details of your program or organization.  Please use, “Event Sponsorship Request” in your reference line. 



Requests by mail should be sent to:

Wave Zone Surf Company
attn:  Sponsorship Requests
1508 18th Avenue Drive East
Palmetto, FL  34221



You will receive a response in one week if there is an available opening on our donation roster.

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Which art graphics are which? See samples here…

These are samples that display a likeness of the graphic art descriptions.  You can choose as many as you like to be included in your board.  If you choose a few options the artist will presume you want a board that has full art and will select a board that has varied elements.


Fly Red HaloHalo – ring of color along the rail of the board. Such As: Glide - White - Green Halo



Bolt-White Red StripeFly Blue Green Racing StripeStripes – racing stripe(s) in various positions.




Fly Blue SwirlFly Green Marbled SwirlSwirls – Swirls of colors and shading.





Fly Blue Drizzled Lines Rip Red Black DrizzledDrizzled Lines – Thin drizzles of color.




Squash Yellow Abstract Squash Blue AbstractAbstract –  templates of varied shapes and sizes are used to create a framework for areas on art on the board.  Those areas are filled with shades and other graphics.  The shapes are placed in different areas of the board by the artist.



Rip Black Red Marbled Diamond Green MarbledMarbled – Blended color intermixed on the board in a random pattern.




Squirt Blue-Flamesurge-experienced-full
Flames – Types and positions of flames will vary.




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How do I know what my board will look like when it arrives?

Option #1:  Custom Complete:  You will receive the exact board you have purchased.


Option #2:  Stock Art:  If a rider chooses a board listed as a “stock option” it a popular design that is reproduced by our artists.  The color will match what you ordered.   The board is a graphic that is reproduced and what you see is very close to the photo.  Since each board is individually made by hand, there will be slight variation in shading and the position of the graphics.  These are kept on hand and ship in one business day.


Option #3:  Custom Board Build:  Available for shipping in 1-4 business days.  1-2 weeks for complex orders or premium models.


Start by choosing a color that is your top choice to be included in the design.  Other colors and shades may be used in the board but the dominant color will be the one you’ve chosen.


Next, select the art elements that appeal to you.  A sample of different boards that have been made previously is shown in a gallery on each page.  Pick as many as you like.  If a rider indicates they like marbled/splattered AND Stripes AND Swirls, we will read that to mean that the person would like to see a board that has a few different elements included and will steer away from the items not listed (flames for example).  If a rider makes just one choice, such as halo, we will read that to mean the person wants a more simple graphic.


Last, add any “notes about my order” in the box provided.  Examples:


  • I asked for green in a halo, but I don’t really care too much about the art, I just need the board as soon as you can ship it.  Any color in a halo is fine.
  • I would like my board to have a light color scheme or white background. or
  • I want a darker board overall and my traction pad to be white. or
  • I am ordering the Diamond, but I like the art on the Squirt photo… the one with blue flames.
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How can I give WZ more information about my order?

Option #1: There is a box titled “Notes about my order” available on each product page.  List any added specifications there.  This is the best place to make notes that are directly linked to your order.


Option #2: After completion of your order you can also send a message, using the “contact” form, providing further information.  Examples are:  “I want the Bolt 55 I just ordered to be solid white like the GT” or “I would like this board by my son’s birthday so please contact me if I need to purchase a faster shipping option.”

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How fast will my board ship?

Skimboard Shipping Delivery Times:


General Information – orders are pulled,  Monday – Friday, at 10 am.  An additional order pull is done at 2 pm from December 10 – December 31 to double our processing speed for the holiday season.

  • Stock Art choices – packaged in one business day.  
  • Custom Complete choices – packaged in one business day.
  • Custom Board Build requests – completed and packaged in 1-4 business days (1-2 weeks for complex orders or premium board models).
    • If you choose a color and graphic element, allowing our shippers to select for you, the order will ship in 1-2 business days.
    • Basic Art requests will generally be ready in 3 business days.
    • Complex requests involving multiple factors will take added time and will be ready in 5 business days.
    • Premium custom orders (including Carbon, Performance, Pro and Impact series) will be ready in 1-2 weeks.  Check out our Custom Complete options for boards ready today!
  • GT skimboards ship in 1-3 days.


If you have a time deadline (leaving for vacation, a birthday, etc.) please note that message in the “Notes about my order information” during checkout and be sure to provide your phone number.  We will contact you to ensure your order is taken care of without delay.


Shipping Time in Transit:

Continental USA – As of December 2017 – Our default shipping method for free shipping to the 48 continental United States is UPS Ground:


ups time in transit


Yellow – Florida with exception of the Panhandle – 1 Day
Light brown states (Georgia north to some of Pennsylvania and the Florida Panhandle – 2 Days)
Green states – 3 Days
Burgundy states (mid United States from Texas north plus Alaska) – 4 Days
Orange States (California plus all other orange) – 5 Days
Tan/gray states – 6 Days
Blue sections of tan states – 7 Days


Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands are shipped using USPS priority mail.  Time in transit is 3-5 business days.  Cost ranges from $25 – $35.


International shipping will be quoted during checkout.  Enter your destination and request the quote.  Select that option and move on to checkout. It is important that you include an accurate email for contacting you during the shipping process.

If you do not receive an international quote, this means standard methods are not available, but delivery is still available.  Just contact us through our “Contact” Form.  We will list the item on eBay for your purchase using their Global Shipping courier program.

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