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Joshua Wright

WZ Skim Team Rider
Hammer Traction Team Rider

Millsboro, DE USA

“Out of the water I am nothing”

  • From: Wilmington, Delaware
    AKA: Josh, Big Steppa
    Lives: Millsboro, Delaware
    Sponsors: Wave Zone Skimboards & Hammer Surf Traction
    Quiver: Fly Skimboard
    Stance: Goofy
    Sports: Skim, wrestling, and surfing
    Favorite Skim Spot: Cape State Park or The Wedge
    Best skim trip/vacation/competition you’ve attended: Obx, North Carolina
    Where do you see yourself in ten years?: A pro skimboarder invested in multiple skimboarding companies with a good net worth.
    Why Do You Skim? I skim for my own enjoyment and the look on people’s faces when I do something cool/ I enjoy when kids ask me to teach them or say they want to be like me. 
    Things You Like/Love/Enjoy: Skimboarding, waves, and the beach.
    Fun Fact/Weird Talent about yourself: I can back flip and I have a righty but have a goofy stance. 

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