The GT ®


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4 Sizes: 50″, 51″, 52″, 53″ – 5/8″ Core


Rider Weight Limit: No Limit


Limited Time Offer:  Free Traction Tail Pad with your GT order!


Performance: Upgraded board building, using premium surfboard Warp glass & Silmar resin. Fast & light. Responsive & intense. Pro level performance. Clean white deck.

Size: *

Choose one of four sizes.

Add these to my board at a discount:

These items can be added at a discount to a board purchase. Add on pads and board bags will be black unless otherwise noted in the “Notes About Your Order” section below.

Color preference for your free traction pad

Note your color preference for your free Hammer Traction tail pad. You are also welcome to list your top two pad preferences from the Accessories section of our site.

Notes About Your Order:

Feel free to add some comments so we can give you the best service!


Shape:  The shape of the GT features a blunt nose, sharp rails, pin tail. Expect extreme light weight and accelerated speed, responsive maneuvers and intense wraps.  Advanced/Pro performance in a wide range of wave conditions.

Suggested Weight Limit:  No Limit

Skill Level: Advanced/Competitive

Upgraded Construction:

  • Warp glass, designed specifically for the surf industry.  While standard E & S Glass has a 50/50 weave, Warp is has a specialized weave with 75% thread running nose to tail and 25% running rail to rail.  Imagine having a series of stringers in your board.  You have a stronger board without adding more weight.
  • Silmar® resin.  Formulated in Hawthorne, California in 1961, and sold worldwide, it is the most widely used for surfboard manufacturing in the industry. This resin feature high clarity, excellent UV-resistance plus remarkably stable viscosity (consistent flow).  Cures water clear.
  • Divinycell, high density foam core.  The industry leader in quality, Divinycell boosts dimensional stability and fracture toughness like no other brand.

Color:  The GT comes in signature clean white with a black GT logo.

Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 54 x 21 x 3 in

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