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surge-blue-stock-art-drizzled-linesSurge red marbled - Stocksurge-green-stock-art-linessurge-yellow-stock-art-spraySurge Green HaloSurge Green MarbledSurge Blue Swirl White BlockSurge white red stripeSurge White Blue DrizzledSurge Green Halo DrizzleSurge halo swirl drizzleSurge white blue swirl drizzleSurge white blue abstractSurge white- red blue drizzledSurge white red marbledSurge Green-FlameSurge-Blue Swirls Abstractsurge-blue-drizzled-linessurge-blue-halosurge-green-brushed-linessurge-green-lines-abstract-fillsurge-yellow-spray-at-nose

The Surge ®


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Size: 45″ x 19 1/2″ x 5/8″


Rocker: Nose 1 3/4″, Tail 1/2″


Rider Weight Limit: 160 lbs

Performance: For the experienced rider or older beginner. Thicker core for more float & lift in waves. Smooth wraps and responsive turns.

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Product Description

Shape:  A design for an experienced rider, yet can also be an option for the physically larger beginner.  With a bit thicker of a core, this board is engineered for more float. A wider nose, thicker foam and reduced rocker give the rider the feeling of more board under foot with hard thick rails.  Expect lift, buoyancy and maneuverability in wraps, pivots and spins.


Suggested weight limit:  Riders up to 160 lbs.


Skill Level: Experienced riders.  Also an option for the older beginner.


Construction:  High density, level 3 pvc foam core,  reinforcement points and double poly wrapped rails. Individually hand crafted in the USA.


Art Choices:  All WZ boards are individually hand crafted in the USA so no two boards are completely identical.  Graphics are assorted.  The photos provided here show a variety of our graphic art.  There are two ways to move forward with this selection:


  • Stock Designs – If a photo notes that the image is a stock option, that art is reproduced on a regular basis by the artist and what you see is very close to what you receive.
  • Individual Designs – If you are looking at a non-stock option for your board, simply select your top color preference and indicate the different graphics that appeal to you.  Our artist will choose or make a board that matches your specifications.

Box Size & Weight

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 21 x 3 in