The Carbon Mosh – 51″ – Limited Edition


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Size: 51″ x 20″ x 3/4″
Rider Weight Limit: No Limit


Performance/Construction: Custom crafted by a Master Board Builder. Thick core, blunt nose, boxy rails. Expect buoyant lift and kickstarted speed, fast spins and smooth wraps. Full Carbon Deck.

  • color: White

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Product Description

Shape:  The Carbon Mosh sports a 3/4″ core thickness for maximum buoyancy.  A blunt nose. minimal rocker and boxy rails with a tightly pulled in tail give exceptional responsiveness in bigger wave conditions. The premium composite stiffness throughout the board gives high speed out of the gate.  Expect a highly responsive ride, exceptional float plus FAST spins and wraps.  Ideal for larger wave conditions. The combination of a stiff deck and a shock absorbing, surfboard-style glassed bottom brings the rider less flex, greater distance and harder cuts.


Construction:  Custom built in the USA.   Individually hand crafted, double wrapped rails, strategic reinforcement points and power rods combined with these premium upgrades:

  • Warp glass, designed specifically for the surf industry.  While standard E Glass & S Glass have a 50/50 weave, Warp is specialized with 75% thread running nose to tail and 25% running rail to rail.  Imagine having a series of stringers in your board.  The result is an incredibly strong board without added weight.
  • Silmar® resin.  Formulated in Hawthorne, California in 1961, and sold worldwide, it is the most widely used surfboard manufacturing resin in the industry. The development of this premium resin continues to reach the goals of high clarity, excellent UV-resistance plus remarkably stable viscosity (consistent flow while laminating and kicking).  Cures to water clear finish.
  • A high density Divinycell foam core.  The out in front industry leader in quality, Divinycell boosts dimensional stability and fracture toughness like no other.
  • Carbon Composite Deck – Super strong & extremely light weight.  5 times as strong as steel, 2 times as stiff and weighs 2/3 less.  The Limited Edition Mosh features individual sections of carbon overlapping where the edges meet, forming a series of reinforcement points at every link.  The result is much like a web of stringers covering the entirety of the deck.
  • Color –  The deck is solid white with a signature “C” carbon logo.   The bottom is also white.

Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 54 x 22 x 3 in

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