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Board Maintenance Kit

Skimboard Repair & Maintenance Kit

A great combo kit to maintain and restore your skimboard! Wear and tear happens. Let's face it we are tossing the board on a gritty surface and jumping on it with our full weight. Years of life can be added to a board with proper maintenance!

Included in this kit:

1. Sun Cure – Solar Resin Repair Tube (includes sandpaper stickers and instructions for use

  • Mini tube holds Resin & Fiberfill paste from Sun Cure

  • Great way to make self repairs on your board

  • Helps your board last longer

  • Easy to use

2. Speed Inducer - 8 oz bottle

Powerful polymer based surface sealant that boosts your speed. An insanely smooth glide and fast ride. Protects gel coat from marine contamination and wear.

3. Wax Comb

Ergonomically designed Wax Comb is shaped to comfortably fit your hand while removing or roughing up the wax on your surfboard. Perfectly sized with just the right combination of rigidity and flexibility, this wax comb is the right tool for the job. Kit includes 1 comb - color will vary.

4. Sticky Bumps 4 oz Wax Remover

Wax balls are fun, but scraping your board never gets it totally clean. The second part of this equation is getting the wax residue off the deck, and this Sticky Bumps 4 oz Wax Remover is just the product to help you! It will allow you to clean surf wax off your board quickly and easily.

5. Carry and storage bag.