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GT Complete #2

Wave Zone GT Complete #2 Skimboard

Each Wave Zone GT is custom made. The shape features a blunt nose, sharp rails, pin tail. Expect extreme light weight and accelerated speed, responsive maneuvers and intense wraps. Advanced/Pro performance carbon skimboard in a wide range of wave conditions.

Upgraded Construction:

    • Carbon reinforced nose and tail.

    • Warp glass, designed specifically for the surf industry. While standard E & S Glass has a 50/50 weave, Warp is has a specialized weave with 75% thread running nose to tail and 25% running rail to rail. Imagine having a series of stringers in your board. You have a stronger board without adding more weight.

    • Silmar® resin. Formulated in Hawthorne, California in 1961, and sold worldwide, it is the most widely used for surfboard manufacturing in the industry. This resin feature high clarity, excellent UV-resistance plus remarkably stable viscosity (consistent flow). Cures water clear.

    • Divinycell, high density foam core. The industry leader in quality, Divinycell boosts dimensional stability and fracture toughness like no other brand.

Color: The GT features a clean white deck, carbon reinforced nose and tail, signature GT logo, and resin art bottom.