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Nylon Mesh Day Bag - Non-Padded Board Sock

Skimboard Day Bag by Wave Zone

The new day bag or board sock made with sturdy nylon mesh in reflective silver gray allows it to stay cooler and easier to rinse off sand after long stays at the beach. With an adjustable shoulder strap (25" - 50") and carry handles.Zips at tail for easier use when sliding in a board with a traction pad.Not padded keeping the bag light weight and durable.Made in the USA.

Available in 4 sizes. Sizes are:

  • Extra Small - 41" x 21" - Fits up to a 41" Wave Zone skimboard

  • Small - Dimensions 45”x 22 ½” – Fits up to a 45” Wave Zone skimboard

  • Medium - Dimensions - Dimensions 53” x 23” – Fits up to a 53” Wave Zone skimboard

  • Large – Dimensions 59” x 24 ½” – Fits up to a 58” Wave Zone skimboard

Why use a day bag or board sock?

  • Easier transportation to and from the beach. Avoid the hassle from carrying multiple boards worrying that they will slip. The adjustable strap allows you to carry multiple boards with ease freeing your hands for a nice beach umbrella or towel bag.

  • Protect the interior of your car, clothes and other items from surf wax residue. Surf Wax is a pliable and tacky wax intended to give your feet grip on the deck of the skimboard, so in a hot car, it may melt and transfer to the items it touches.

  • It is surprising how many ding repair requests we receive from boards that have fallen or blown off of a garage shelf accidentally… a windy day, tight space is all it takes. We have even had them brought in after falling from the top of a rider’s vehicle while loading up at the beach or blowing off a roof rack in transit. Board bags are designed to protect your investment.

  • Plane travel. Wrap your board in a towel and bag it… you’ll be good to check in.

How many skimboards will fit in one board bag?

When considering this, review the dimensions of each bag. The average width of a skimboard falls between the measurements of 18” and 22”. That said, most board bags have enough of a margin around the outside of the board to put two skimboards in one bag. Thickness of each board is a factor of course and also if you are bagging a wakesurfer with a fixed fin, that should be factored in.

There is no way for us to evaluate the amount of taper in the width of the board from nose to tail if it isn't Wave Zone skimboard. To make this easier for the rider we’ve built in some extra space along the rails to accommodate a variety of shapes.