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Speed Inducer

Wave Zone Speed Inducer -Made in the USA

Why use a skimboard bottom wax?

First and foremost, this is not just another version of car or bowling wax! WZ Speed Inducer is an, industry specific, powerful polymer based surface sealant. Boosted by Polycharger. it is specially formulated to protect gel coat finishes from:

  • Marine contamination

  • Salt water

  • Extensive salt air exposure

  • Sun Exposure/UV wear

Additionally, as a rider skims along the shoreline the continual rubbing of the board against the sand is much like the process of "wet sanding" an exterior finish. Eventually, the board bottom will show expected wear and that wear will create resistance when sliding through the water. Speed inducer, used on a routine basis, will greatly improve the quality of your ride and over time the life of your board.

How and when to use Wave Zone Speed Inducer?

  • The application is much like other liquid waxes:

  • Wipe it on to the bottom of the skimboard

  • Let it dry to a haze

  • Polish off using a soft towel or rag (microfiber towels get great results)

How often your boards bottom should be treated varies based upon the frequency and intensity of use. If you sand skim a great deal, you'll benefit from treating the bottom of the board after about 6 sessions. If you are a wave rider,, arguably you could treat the board less frequently because your bottom wear will be less intensive, however, can still used the product often to maximize your speed across the water.

How long does a bottle of Speed Inducer last?

Each 8 ounce bottle holds approximately 12 applications and lasts most riders through a full season. Your bottle of Speed Inducer will likely have small specs of white in the liquid which are wax beads and will blend with the liquid during the buffing process.


DO NOT apply to the deck/top of the board or to the rails/hand grip areas. Only for use on the bottom of the board.

This is not a food product. Do not eat or drink.