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Hammer Skim Kit Combination

Current Traction Stock - Click to Choose:: Skim Kit Black

#1 Traction Skimboard Kit! Hammer Skim Kit Standard - 5 Piece

Deck Grip Design: 3 Piece deck grip tail pad plus a26" Arch Bar (Two interlocking 13" Bars). V-Cut Carve Pattern, Full Surface Embossing, 24 mm kick tail, 6 mm tapered arch, leash plug notch, Tail Pad Measures 13″ long x 12″ wide – FITS ALL BOARDS.

Color: Assorted colors. Available options are listed.

Why Hammer makes the best deck grip:

STAYS STUCK: We brought 3M on site and, after running the specs with their pros, locked down the highest marine grade adhesive coming out of their factory to ensure stick beyond any others. 100% STAY STUCK GUARANTEE!

ULTRA LIGHT: Each Hammer Traction pad weighs in at just 3 ounces. Your sandwich at lunch was probably heavier. :)

EMBOSSED FINISH: Unlike the raw surface of many import brands, Hammer Traction is fully embossed to minimize water absorption and keep colors true over time.

MADE IN THE USA : Handcrafted in our Florida facility, Hammer Traction is the ONLY surf traction made in the United States. Providing jobs and providing unmatched quality every day.

Why use traction? For surfers and advanced skimboarders, traction pads assist your rear foot in getting more grip while on the board, giving you the opportunity to pull more aggressive maneuvers. Once planted, the traction pad’s kick tail anchors your back foot lending to harder snaps and aerial maneuvers.

Do I need a pad for a beginner skimboard? Though a beginner skimboarder may not be pulling airs and tricks, the tail pad let’s the rider know where to land their back foot as they advance their skill. That said, flat or arched will serve that purpose well. A second consideration is that, if you feel you may want to add a traction pad in the future, it’s best to consider putting it on while the board is new. The pad will stick best to clean, new surface vs. one that may have some surf wax residue.

Which pad is right for me? With any product there are features and benefits… the promise of performance. While some features are key, such as closed cell foam for minimal water absorption and embossing for added grip and color fastness, others are personal choice. Rider preference options include arch or flat, 1 piece or multi-piece, colors and carve patterns.

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