Adam Barker

Professional Skimboarder

St. Petersburg, FL USA

“Life is good.”

AKA:  The Barkenheimer, Barker Tree Prodigy
Lives: St. Petersburg, FL
Business: Barker Tree Service
Sponsors: Wave Zone Skimboards, Hammer Traction, Shore Lb, Suncoast Surf Shop
QuiverBarker Pro double carbon, Barker Pro with GT glassing
Stance: Regular
Sports:  Skimboarding, Basketball, Skateboarding, Wake Surfing.
Frequent Skim Spot: Upham Beach, Sand Pebble
Best Skim Trips I’ve had:  Vilano Beach, Aliso Beach, Laguna Beach, Oahu, Rincon –  I’ve enjoyed some great travel with WZ, partly for the waves but mostly because of the people.
Things I Like/Love/Enjoy: Family, Friends, Beach. 

Check out the Adam Barker Pro Model

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