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Costa Rica: 2019 in Review

Costa Rica: The Growing Skim Circuit

The Costa Competition Circuit

Skimboarding in Costa Rica has a broad base of popularity, with a competitive arena that continues to grow at a committed pace.  The Circuit, known as the Association of Skim Costa Rica, boasts nearly 5,000 Instagram followers and an impressive bank of industry sponsors.

Costa Rica Skim

The 2019 Circuit Hit Several Towns

Playa de Coco

The vibe was upbeat, waves were small and fun.   The Asociación Deportiva de Skimboard pur (Skimboard Sports Association) created a video edit that truly captured the enthusiasm of the event.


Attended by competitors and groms alike, waves were fun despite a lot of debris in water. Some were tempted to board slide a log in the contest zone. Puntarenas is one of Costa Rica's major port towns along the pacific. Lots of tourist attractions and easy to walk around.

Playa Hermosa

A noted Surf town,  shore break was heavy and the competitors agressive in their manuevers.  Wave Zone Team Rider, Mario Perez Cortez, snapped his board air dropping a heavy section.  The event was held near Bowies Point (a well known restaurant).

Playa Flamingo

Waves were smooth and consistent and the weather was great.  A lot to choose from and riders captured both opportunities near shore and also out farther for a wide range of performance. 

Puerto Caldera

Small waves and a rainy day.  Fun vibe despite the disappointing conditions.

Playa Prieta

Jesse Waves were near perfect at about 3-4 foot on shore.  Riders truly performed well across the board.   

Mario Perez Cortez Skim

The 2020 series is already underway with much to look forward to!

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