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Repair and Restore - Get The Most Out of Your Board

Getting Another Season Out Of Your Skimboard

Spring Break is here, with temperatures warming in the south and northerners longing for days in the sun.

One constant... skimboarders will skim and travelers will find their way to the beaches, travelers, locals and stay-cationers alike.

The phone has already begun to ring with an influx of “How can I repair and restore my board for the next season?” questions.

There are some great options to bring new life into your board:

Clean Off Old Wax

Wax Remover

The easiest way to clean a board of wax is to set the board out in the warm sun for about 5-10 minutes. Then scrape off the soft wax with either a wax comb or a nylon spatula. 

The final residue can be removed with  a wax removing solution, such as Sticky Bumps Wax Remover.

Fresh Wax can be re-applied.


Repair Small Dings

Sun Cure Mini Tube

Dings happen.  Taking care of them early on will extend the life of your board. With this Sun Cure Fiberfill small dings are no problem. Sun Cure is the quick and easy way to repair dings for polyester resin based skimboards, surfboards, wakeboards and more. 

The key is making sure you are using a polyester repair kit on a polyester board (and epoxy repair kits on an epoxy board).

Materials to have on hand –  A sunny day (substance will kick/harden using UV rays so bright sun isn’t critical but will effect how fast the repair cures up) wet/dry sandpaper, disposable gloves, and a wooden applicator.  Keep in mind – this hardens in the sunlight, so apply in the shade to keep the fill pliable until you a ready for it to harden… then take it out in the sun to kick off.

Note:  Clean the repair area first and, if necessary, lightly sand it so that the SunCure bonds well the to board's surface.  Once the repair hardens, sand off the excess to smooth it.  The more you add the more you will need to sand, so it is best to control the amount used with this in mind.

Restore the Hull/Bottom of the Board

Skimming, by nature, is like wet sanding the bottom of your board.

A bottom restoration wax will re-slick and extend the life of your boards bottom.

Simply clean the bottom of your board, apply Wave Zone Speed Inducer, let it dry to a haze, and then polish it using a clean microfiber towel.


For more involved repairs, consult with a nearby surf shop or board builder for a quote.  Some more complex restorations will need a pro.

You can use any decent products you'd like to clean and restore your ride—here are the ones our riders have had great success with!

Wave Zone Wax and Restore Products

When your board has lived its best life and you're ready for an upgrade, check out our line here

Wave Zone Skimboards For Sale

Have fun out there!

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